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Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG)

When astute investors and a younger demographic expect action on climate change, sustainability's value is apparent. From microgrids to other onsite renewable solutions, options abound to exceed stakeholders' expectations. Reducing your footprint is smart business.

Stakeholder Pressure

Businesses are feeling rising pressure for corporate sustainability and climate action.

A lot of the energy around climate issues is being driven by the global investment community. Investors have increasingly recognized the materiality of climate risks, are trying to decarbonize their portfolios, and are engaging with their portfolio companies to ensure they're thinking about these issues. Today, investors representing over 45 trillion dollars in assets under management have pledged to take action on climate change; that's close to half of the total global assets under management. Sustainability has business value."

Businesses Feel Rising Stakeholder Pressure to Address Climate Risk

Types of stakeholders applying pressure (Percentage %)
    Source: Deloitte Resources Study 2020

    Customers Increasingly Want Businesses to Source Renewables

    Agree/Strongly Agree

    Our customers are demanding that we procure a certain percentage of our electricity demand from renewable sources.

    My company actively publicizes the percentage of our electricity demand that is met by sourcing renewable energy.

    Source: Deloitte Resources Study 2020

    Customer Sentiment

    Younger generations are driving increased concern, looking to businesses to adopt renewables.

    Onsite Generation

    Onsite renewable energy generation can be an easy move for business and property owners. It offers both cost savings and carbon reduction.

    Those With Onsite Generation Use Less Electricity from Providers

    Percentage of supply from electricity provider in prior year:

    Source: Deloitte Resources Study 2020

    Interest in Storage With Solar Panels is Rising

    Reasons for increased interest

    It will allow for greated use of solar power since I can store the electricity for a time I can use it.


    I will be able to save on my electricity bill since I can store electricity and use it at a later time.


    I will be able to reduce my carbon footprint.


    I am concerned about outages from natural disasters or storms.


    I am concerned about outages from natural disasters or storms.

    Source: Deloitte Resources Study 2020

    Solar + Storage

    The combination of solar and storage is an increasingly attractive pairing to make the most of both assets. For greater reliability, energy systems can be designed to isolate from the grid, forming a microgrid.