Strengthening businesses
and communities for a
sustainable future

In a world of rising utility costs and power failures, Pacifico Power consistently provides businesses and communities viable options for reliable, renewable, cost-saving energy with onsite generation, storage and microgrids. Our commitment to a cleaner tomorrow and fulfilling the world’s net-zero goal is supported by our passion to help businesses and communities accelerate their transition to power independence, reliability and affordability.

Industries Served

Pacifico Power understands how to decipher the energy usage nuances of each industrial operation and define meaningful generation additions that would improve the operations and bottom line for any energy-intensive industrial processes. We bring proven expertise in tailoring energy solutions to customer's specific needs whether it be onsite geothermal energy harvesting, hydrogen fuel cells, or rooftop solar and battery storage. We help you take control of cost and electricity reliability.

Partnering with utilities, municipalities and governments in their green operations and energy governance, Pacifico Power supports energy integration and recovery to fuel facilities like treatment plant operations, minimize energy waste, and reduce air and greenhouse gas emissions.

Universities and educational campuses are often perfect fits for onsite energy generation systems, where institutional longevity makes financing the long life of solar energy systems significantly easier. We can perform energy audits to determine which technology is the best fit for your campus. Pacifico Power partners with schools to offer your institution energy audits, solutions, and unparalleled resiliency.

Pacifico Power ensures that our healthcare clients have the necessary resiliency power to perform their lifesaving duties. Pacifico will ensure your power goes uninterrupted regardless of external circumstances, via comprehensive backup power systems and island-capable microgrids using the best technology for your specific facility's needs.

Commercial Real Estate
Pacifico Power's commercial partnerships are the bedrock of our North America office, where our depth of experience allows us to offer unparalleled service to commercial customers with multiple tenants. From navigating interconnection through our utility relationships or providing expertise in time-of-use rate classes, we guarantee power resiliency, significant savings, and peace of mind for all our commercial clients.

Pacifico Power offers landowners a unique opportunity to facilitate the energy revolution and to generate revenue from their property. By partnering together with Pacifico your land has the potential to essentially farm electricity from the sun or wind.

Delivering End-to-End Service

System Design

Expect solutions 100% customized for your site and corporate goals. Advanced tools + genius options rethink your energy and transform your business.


From permits and interconnection to land usage and beyond, get the whole nine yards. Done-for-you service creates value-generating assets.


Let’s monetize your tax credits, leverage our rock-solid banking relationships, and finance your equipment.


Get end-to-end care. We monitor, service and smart-clean your system so it runs like a champ for today and tomorrow.

Explore our systems and solutions to become energy independent