Pacifico Energy received the Medal with Dark Blue Ribbon for its support to Okayama Prefecture

Pacifico Energy received the Medal with Dark Blue Ribbon for its support to Okayama Prefecture

Pacifico Energy Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo, President: Daiki Matsuo, hereinafter referred to as "Pacifico Energy") is pleased to announce its achievements in supporting Okayama Prefecture's city, people, and job creation donation utilization project. We are pleased to inform you that we have been recognized and awarded the Medal with Dark Blue Ribbon. Today, a transfer ceremony was held at Pacifico Energy, and a certificate of commendation was presented by Mr. Asuo Tamaki, Director of Okayama Prefecture Tokyo Office.

In November 2021, through the corporate version of hometown tax, they will support the three business activities of the Okayama childcare support declaration corporate revitalization project, the employment measure internship participation promotion project for young workers, and the after-school children's club project. We have been promoting donation activities to support the next generation, children, who will lead the future of Japan. In view of the serious impact of the unprecedented coronavirus infection on the local community, local economy, and lifestyle, all volunteers, including our president and CEO Daiki Matsuo, have decided to reduce the amount of bonuses and other remuneration for 2021. I declined to receive the department and provided support through the corporate version of hometown tax.

At Pacifico Energy, both the company and our employees are striving to further raise awareness of social contribution activities, and we will continue to actively support activities in the future.

What is the Medal with Dark Blue Ribbon?
The Medal with Dark Blue Ribbon, which is aimed at those who have donated private property (10 million yen or more for corporations and organizations) for the public good, is recommended by each ministry and ministry each time an achievement that should be commended occurs. Based on this, we judge and award. National government, local governments, or public interest organizations (organizations that aim for the public interest, have legal personality, and conduct business that significantly contributes to the promotion of the public interest, based on applications from ministries, etc. that are closely related to the organization) will be eligible for the award. (Overview of the medal/reward system: quoted from

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