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Switch Gear

Why make the energy shift? You'll improve your bottom line today and well into the future. When generating electricity onsite, what your neighbor has may not be the best for your business. Choosing the right technology mix and sizes are critical. Your technology mix will depend on how you use energy and whether you want to maximize savings, protect sensitive equipment or ensure 24/7 backup.


Like a breaker box on your home, switchgear is what brings all of the technologies together. Switchgear is standard electrical equipment that contains switches, fuses and circuit breakers at the point of connection between a facility and the grid. When a new energy system is installed on a facility, upgrades to the current switchgear may be necessary. The switchgear controls parts of the electrical system and allows segments of the full system to be taken on or off-line for maintenance or to clear faults.

The Anatomy of Switchgear

Tech Switchgear