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Brightening Your Bottom Line: Understanding the Business of Selling Solar Energy

Looking to brighten your business's bottom line? You're not alone! As renewable energy continues to soar in popularity, business owners are choosing commercial solar to boost their daily efficiencies. 

And the benefits don''t stop at sustainability. The ability to sell your excess energy back to local utility providers is one of the biggest benefits of commercial solar. Still, you might be asking “how exactly does selling solar energy work?” Or better yet, “how can my company sell solar power to generate income?” 

In this article, we'll take a closer look at the process and explore what every commercial business owner in California should know. Let''s get started!

Understanding the Basics of Solar Power Buybacks

Solar power is a cost effective and environmentally friendly way for businesses to meet their energy needs. By installing PV systems, businesses can generate more energy than they need during peak hours of sunlight. This can be fed back into the grid and sold to the utility provider through a process called net metering. Businesses then receive credit on their utility bill for the excess energy they generate, which is typically based on the retail rate of electricity in their area.

There are two primary types of net metering: bi-directional and unidirectional. 

  • Bi-directional Net Metering: This allows businesses to receive credit for the excess energy they generate and feed back into the grid. It also allows them to consume energy from the grid during periods of low or no solar production. 
  • Unidirectional Net Metering: Unidirectional means your businesses can only receive credit for the excess energy they generate and feed back into the grid.

What's the Benefit of Selling Excess Solar Energy?

Selling solar energy back to utility providers delivers a number of benefits for commercial businesses. One of the most practical advantages is the ability to offset the cost of your investment. By receiving credit on utility bills for the excess energy you generate, your businesses can effectively reduce its energy costs—and potentially even generate more revenue.

By using clean, renewable energy and selling solar energy back to utility providers, commercial businesses can reduce their carbon footprint and support sustainability initiatives. This helps lower the negative impact of businesses on the environment and promotes a brighter future.

With excess energy usage being a common pain point for many businesses, lowering utility costs is an effective way for them to significantly improve their profitability and bottom line.
5 Tips to Reduce Your Energy Use

Key Factors to Consider When Selling Power to a Utility Company

While selling solar energy back to utility providers can offer significant benefits, there are still a few  considerations for business owners to keep in mind. One important factor to consider is the specific net metering policies in their area; these can vary significantly by location and utility provider.

In some cases, utility providers may limit the amount of credit businesses can receive for the excess energy they generate. This can impact the financial benefits of selling solar power back to the utility provider. It may also impact the return on investment for the solar power system.

Another factor to consider is the amount of excess energy generated. If businesses generate less energy than they consume, the financial benefits of selling solar power back to the utility provider may be more limited.

Businesses should also consider the installation and maintenance costs associated with solar power systems. While selling solar energy back to utility providers can help offset these costs, businesses should make sure they have a clear understanding of the total costs and potential benefits of a solar power system before making an investment. 

Still, selling solar power back to utility providers is a smart and sustainable way for organizations to reduce their energy costs and support renewable initiatives.

Commercial Solar Is Just a Click Away

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