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How Can I Make My Business More Energy Efficient?

Organizations often spend a sizable amount of revenue on their monthly utility bills. If your company is looking to reduce costs and raise profit margins, you should consider opting for energy efficient solutions. In this blog, we''ll cover several strategies that help make your business more energy efficient.

Let''s dive in. 

Six Energy Saving Tips Your Business Should Consider

Companies spending a substantial amount of money on their utility bills often justify the expenditures as an “unavoidable operational cost.” However, that couldn''t be further from the truth. Below are six commercial energy saving tips to help improve your business''s bottom line:

Get an Energy Audit

A professional audit is the best way to assess your business'' energy consumption and is a critical step in brainstorming potential ways to save energy in the office. Many professional solar providers and utility companies even offer free energy audits. They''ll send technicians to inspect your equipment's wasteful energy patterns. According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), nearly 30 percent of the energy used in commercial buildings is “wasted,” meaning there''s plenty of opportunity to reduce energy consumption and keep your business'' utility costs down.

Install Energy-Efficient Office Equipment

Another great way to boost your business''s energy efficiency is investing in new, more sustainable equipment for your office. However, before purchasing or leasing new appliances, be sure to check their energy efficiency rating. Setting time aside to follow this process is key to saving a considerable amount of money in the long term. To put things into perspective, the Office of Energy Efficiency & Renewable Energy, states “HVAC systems with higher efficiency can reduce energy consumption by as much as 50%.” That''s why, to improve your business''s energy efficiency, you need to focus your efforts on wasteful, outdated equipment. 

Reduce Peak Demand

It''s important to note that utility bills consist of much more than just the net amount of energy you consume. In most states, you''ll also be charged for the highest peak power level over the course of a given month. Put simply, these are called “demand charges'' and refer to the time of day when you use the most energy. To boost your business''s energy efficiency, manage and reduce peak demand. This can be accomplished with one, or both, of the following actions: 

  • Schedule and cycle the use of equipment so that energy consumption is spread out.
  • Stagger start times for equipment and break times for employees so need and usage of your equipment doesn''t all fall into the same period.

Turn Off Devices When Not in Use

While a simple action, turning off devices when they''re not in use has a huge impact on your business''s energy efficiency. It''s all too common for companies to keep their equipment running and lights on in areas like break rooms, conference rooms and other spaces only used a few times per day. Luckily, managing and preventing excess energy waste goes a long way toward reducing your energy consumption levels.

Invest in Battery Storage Systems

Technology drives innovation, and new developments in battery storage technology are making it possible to store enormous amounts of power and use this energy as needed. Additionally, the cost of batteries has substantially reduced while their functionality has only increased. This means it''s never been easier to take a leap into energy savings by installing new, top-of-the-line storage systems.

Looking for ways to boost your business''s energy efficiency? Here''s a secret: you need to be considering energy storage. Investing in the resources to generate, collect, and store excess power goes a long way to reducing your energy consumption. See Why

Use Solar to Generate Your Own Energy

Using solar to generate electricity is arguably the best way to improve energy efficiency in any industry. The cost of utilities has risen dramatically over the last 10 years, and unfortunately, this trend is only predicted to continue. Luckily, as commercial solar solutions become more readily available, the price of photovoltaics, microturbines, and batteries are more affordable than ever. Even better, most local, state, and federal governments have incentives in place to encourage the adoption of onsite renewable energy generation. As a helpful tip, it''s well worth your time to check with your local solar provider and see what potential savings would be achieved by breaking free from the grid. Generally speaking, commercial businesses in California see savings of 20–40% of their total electricity cost.

Boost Your Business'' Energy Efficiency with Pacifico Power

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