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Key Factors to Consider When Choosing a Solar Company

With renewable energy increasing in popularity, organizations across the globe are realizing that finding, identifying, and choosing a solar company is one of the more challenging parts of the buying process. Many business owners are beginning to ask things like: “How can I find the best fit for my business?” and “What questions should I ask my solar company before moving forward?”

If this sounds like you—don''t worry—you''re not alone. In this blog we''ll delve into the seven key factors to consider when choosing a solar installer, so you can make infomed, educated deductions about the direction to take your business. 

How to Find the Best Solar Company for Your Business

While price is often the first thing that comes to mind when choosing a solar company, making a long-term decision based solely on price is a recipe for an unsatisfactory project. To find the right partner for your business, consider the following factors:

Have the Right Mindset and Think of Long-Term Goals

Mindset is everything when choosing a solar company. Rather than a one-off new purchase, solar panel systems are more of a long-term investment. If you''re not thinking on that level, you might make a hasty decision. Therefore, take the time to:

  • Understand the product details
  • Figure out contracts
  • Confirm the longevity of the equipment
  • Carefully evaluate the contractor's promises

If it pertains to your company''s long-term goals, it's worth a thorough review. Renewable energy is an asset that generates value, so you should approach it as an investment. Start by establishing your minimum parameters, max net present value, and payback period to determine the highest ROI.

However, it is important to note several factors can affect the final value, like: 

  • Equipment selection
  • Panel placement
  • Associated energy output
  • Degradation of panel output
  • Equipment replacements
  • Other expected maintenance affects

As a helpful tip, when choosing a solar company, the best providers use sound metrics and assumptions when discussing ROI and support their claims, so look for an installer that offers systems that set you up for long-term savings. 

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Choose a Solar Company With Technical Expertise and Reputable Equipment

Without prior solar experience, knowing what equipment works best for your business can be difficult. That''s why you need to do your due diligence and choose a solar company with technical expertise and reputable equipment. At bare minimum, you should ask your solar energy installer what panels, inverters, and racking they use and why they selected that equipment. 

Take a Look at Testimonials, Ratings, and Online Reviews

When vetting potential providers, ask to see their past work history, references, and clients reviews. First-hand experiences from previous clients can give you an idea of what you can expect from a prospective solar company, and more importantly, the quality of their service. While an easy act to conduct, it's still a reliable, proven source to verify information and answer any outstanding questions about the company. 

Choose a Solar Company With Financial Expertise

Finding a provider who has financial experience is a prerequisite for your long-term energy savings, as this is the best way to design a budget-friendly system with a high ROI. Additionally, make sure when choosing a solar company, they have a knack for business acumen. Your facility is unique, and your service provider should be able to model different options and choose the project that provides the most long-term value for your facility.

Get Multiple Quotes and Compare Pricing Between Providers 

While price shouldn''t be the “end-all-be-all” in your search for a solar company, it does play a role. To ensure you''re getting the best value for your system, gather several quotes from different providers to determine the best rates. This is a critical step, because pricing standardized across providers—especially for large-scale, commercial projects. That''s why it''s so important to compare a variety of options, and choose a solar company who delivers the most long-term value.

It''s important to note, you need to compare multiple metrics when evaluating your options—not just price. Take the time to verify your installers use the same assumptions to assess value, and ask how they estimate key factors like system output and energy costs. From there, take this information and compare it across other vendors.  

Ask What Additional Services They Offer

While often overlooked, commercial PV systems require continued care after installation. That''s why you need to ensure your provider can handle these tasks. When verifying assumptions, ask if they offer service like:

At the end of the day, choosing a solar company doesn''t need to be a hassle. Here''s the secret: with the right provider, the entire process runs much smoother.

Searching for an Experienced, Reputable Renewable Energy Company? 

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