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Why Should I Switch to Renewable Energy?

2023 is posed to be a monumental year for green energy sources. Still, some business owners dismiss renewable energy without understanding the benefits it brings the end-user.

Switching to renewable energy systems is the most promising way of generating energy for large facilities, as it brings immediate, tangible benefits to the owner and to the planet. In this blog, we''ll explore a few key benefits of switching to renewable energy and take a look at how commercial solar energy helps boost your business'' bottom line, carbon footprint, and operational efficiency. Let''s get started. 

Four Benefits of Solar Energy for Commercial Building Owners

Companies switching to renewable energy are often hesitant about its upfront costs. However, with the right approach, it''s never been easier to set your business up for long-term success. Here''s six reasons why: 

Switching to Renewable Energy Helps Reduce Your Business'' Operating Costs

Investing in renewable energy can reduce your business'' electricity costs. Towns, cities, counties, and states all throughout the United States have the ideal environmental conditions to make generating solar energy more economical than consuming traditional utility energy. Several different factors affect this trend, including:

  • Dropping PV system costs
  • Sun exposure
  • State policies
  • Utility policies
  • Electricity prices
  • Federal incentives 

Here at Pacifico Power, we''ve seen customers experience game-changing cost reductions—as large as 52%—off of their expected total electricity bills. Such savings are capable of significantly improving your bottom line, they increase overall profitability of large energy users by as much as 5%. 

Need a Quick, Easy Way To Estimate Potential Savings?
In just two simple steps, our free energy assessment provides real-time, detailed data regarding your solar capabilities.

  • 1st: Enter the address and contact info for your property.
  • 2nd: Mark the areas on your building available for solar or other resources. 

It''s never been easier to get an accurate estimate highlighting your potential savings. Even better, it just takes a few minutes to fill out.
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It''s Green, Clean Energy and that Matters to the People that Matter to You

Every organization shares a common responsibility to its investors and customers and that includes creating sustainable policies to reduce their carbon footprint. Luckily, solar panels capture a renewable energy source the sun, which means your business won''t pollute the air or release greenhouse gasses into the environment. Switching to renewable energy is an effective, easy way to protect the environment and reduce the chances of global warming. And it''s friendly on your budget, too. Bolstering your corporate sustainability policies is much more than just a “feel-good” way to bring personal satisfaction, it''s also a selling point to potential employees, investors, clients, and consumers. For decades, research has shown that sustainability matters to key stakeholders. According to a 2022 study from Deloitte, the majority of employees surveyed want to see their workplace buy, invest, or switch to renewable energy sources.

Renewable Energy Sources are a Reliable Hedge Against Rising Prices

One of the most significant benefits of solar energy for commercial building owners is the fact it immediately changes your utility cost profile. By switching to renewable energy, you''re making a decision to diversify your power supply well into the future. This means going forward, a huge portion of your energy costs will be fixed—you''re able to lock in energy costs through a capital purchase or a long-term financing agreement. With predictable, consistent energy costs, budgeting for utilities is a breeze. Even better, since solar power is free, and not subject to markets or supply and demand, switching to renewable energy helps protect your company from the power grid''s price hikes and inflationary pressures

When Coupled With Batteries, Solar Energy Systems Improve Reliability 

As new, more-affordable battery storage technology hits the market, investing in the technology to complement your systems is more accessible than ever. Battery systems allow an intermittent resource to be more dispatchable, enhancing the effectiveness of your current systems and further reducing utility costs. Moreover, battery systems help buoy the grid, acting as an emergency backup in the case of short-term power outages. This technology continues to drop in price and improve in functionality, and it''s poised to play a key role in better supplying our energy needs.

As stated above, the benefits of switching to renewable energy systems are abundant. They offer a cleaner way to power your business, reduce your carbon footprint, cut down on utility bills, hedge against inflation, and improve reliability. There are many advantages to be enjoyed by business owners everywhere.

Finally, when you consider that switching to these renewable systems is often free—or at the very least, inexpensive—it's high time that people take a serious look at going green.

Time for Your Business to Switch to Renewable Energy? Pacifico Power Can Help

Whether your business needs a cleaner power source, a reliable way to hedge against inflation, or a surefire way to reduce your carbon footprint, Pacifico Power is here to help.

As a large-scale provider for commercial PV systems, microgrids, batteries, and more, we have the experience, resources, and connections to deliver dependable renewable energy solutions. Get in touch with our helpful team to learn more, and let''s revamp your approach to energy consumption.